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Parameter magic number

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Today we will talk about such an option, which is present in advisers — setting magic number. We’ll find out what it is, analyze the issues that arise in the ordinary users about this option, as it is set up, whether it is necessary, in any case to change it and much more …

Magic number — a numeric identifier, a numeric code that is used to determine the advisor of «their» and «foreign» orders. Parameter magic number needed to warrant the adviser does not touch other experts, as well as positions opened manually.

magic number

magic number

Each adviser assigns his orders some code, and then looks at all the positions that are currently in the terminal and on the basis of this information changes, covers only those orders that he revealed himself. Option Advisor magic number helps to understand what order it, and what — other people .This parameter can be absolutely any number except zero.

Do I need to change the magic number when installing the same advisor for different currency pairs? Change the setting magic number is not necessary! Suppose if Advisor magic number 11111, these five units have to be that one, which is another currency pair, it is absolutely normal and advisor in this situation, do not mistake.

If you put the same adviser on two charts of the same currency pair, but with different time frames — in this case the magic number option should be different in the settings of the advisor, otherwise it will start to be confused orders and nothing good is not out. Therefore, if you suddenly for some reason, you want to install the same adviser for two graphs one currency pair but with different time freymami- in case you need to change the settings Advisor magic number so that the two graphs are not identical.

What happens if two different advisors will have the same magic number? If such a situation takes place, the advisors will confuse the order of each other.

Sometimes it is that in the settings of the forex trading robot  no such option but that does not mean that it is not present at all, it is in the code, the authors simply advisor did not want it to display the changes. Such an adviser can be used, it will not confuse the order in any case, it’s just a parameter can not be changed.

At the beginning of the article I wrote that this parameter can be any except zero. Why is that? Because in manual trades setting just magic number is zero. Manual trades when you open them, you do not assign any identifier, this is not possible, because the default setting is equal to zero.

Well, I hope you have learned this brief information about what is magic number option and what it is used.