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Every day the amount of letters, increases in that me ask to tell and show how to fill up an account in an index top 20 correctly . That, I fulfil request, therefore let us consider, as possible to fill up the

account in an index top .

Foremost, it is first necessary in the left overhead corner of the personal cabinet to push the button «To fill up an account», whereupon in your cabinet you will be able to see all accessible for addition variants .

account in an index top

account in an index top

To fill up an account in an index top it is possible many methods, personally for me the most comfortable methods of addition — QIWI, Webmoney and addition through a bank map. If you want to begin to invest from one hundred dollars — you without problems can fill up the account through QIWI — it one of the simplest (if the not simplest method).Instruction on every method of input of money is present (very detailed, with screenshot), therefore complications with addition to the account in an index top 20 it must not arise up for anybody .

So , we it admits, if you decided to fill up it in an index top through QIWI — it is needed to tick off near this method and push the button . In opened window it is needed to operate just like this, as a system offers. If you already have a purse — you mark the necessary field, if you do not have a purse — tick off opposite the corresponding field and press the button «further». After it you need to enter the sum of addition (in roubles or dollars ) and again to push the button «further».

When you all of it will do, will lead money on the account, the amount of your moneys you will be able to see in a column «accessible to the removal». What does it mean? It means that while you still did not invest in an index top 20  you only on a half-way .

If you are interested only by an index top 20, then now after addition you must from trade account translate money in an index account. For this purpose it is needed to push the button «To invest in index top» and in opened window to enter a necessary sum and push the red button to «invest» .Only after this procedure, your facilities are copied off from basic account and act on your account in an index top 20 .All, now you are an investor, after this time your money begin to work .

A profit in index top 20 is charged extra from an eighth for a tenth number month, following current . Id est, for May a profit we get in June, and for June — from eighth July .

As we see, to fill up an account in an index top 20 quite undifficult, it is needed to be only attentive and to follow by the prompts of the system . To fill up the account in an index top it will be far simpler the second time .

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