Addition to the account in MMCIS

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Addition to the account in MMCIS is simple enough, as a company really looked after that every client could without problems fill up an account an exactly that method that for him is most comfortable.

In an order to do

addition to the account in MMCIS

it is needed to call on a web-site and enter the login and password. Since an entrance is executed, you automatically will get on the page of addition, where for you sixteen methods of input of facilities are accessible . Due to it, regardless of whether you use by the electronic payment system, by a credit card or use nothing — you however can without problems produce addition to the account in MMCIS Forex Group in the earliest possible dates, because here accessible even addition through a terminal, that is practically in any shop .

addition to the account in mmcisLet us understand, how to produce addition to the account in MMCIS on the example of one of the most popular electronic systems of Webmoney. It is foremost needed to choose this variant of addition among the offered methods of addition and push the button » Further».

Внизу a page, on the opened page we are asked, in which one currency we want to score first and offer to us at choice one of four purses : roubles, hryvnias, dollars and euro . We choose addition to the account in MMCIS in the dollars of the USA and push button » Further».

On a next page we must only enter a sum on that we fill up the account . Minimum addition in a company Forex MMCIS Group makes one hundred dollars of the USA or equivalent sum in other currency . We enter a necessary to us sum and also push button » Further».

After it we at once get on the page of realization of payment in the system Webmoney Transfer, we choose the comfortable method of entrance and confirm payment . Simultaneously with included in the payment system on your mailing address, advising will come that you began the transfer of costs. Since addition to the account in MMCIS will pass verification — money will be included on your account .

It is needed to say that addition to the account in MMCIS through the electronic payment systems takes place at once and money instantly act on your account .

After realization of payment you automatically pass to the personal cabinet, where in an overhead right corner will see how many now for you money on an account and how many accessible for a removal .

It is practically possible to fill up an account exactly such character and by any comfortable for you another way . If you will have complications with addition to the account — you must go across a Videoturn «on an inset», that is in a right side. Going across on this inset, you will get on a page with video by manuals on work with a web-site . Choosing a necessary division «Input of facilities», press «More videoinstructions» on a point. It is here possible to find instructions about that, to do addition to the account in MMCIS one of accessible methods for the input of facilities . The instruction given by video can be looked straight at a web-site in flash плеере or to get to itself on a computer in order that she always was near at hand .

Asas we see — all simply enough, therefore addition to the account in MMCIS occupies quite little time .

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