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The International company Forex Trend inculcates the civilized standards of activity at the currency market of forex eliminates unmarket factors in a copula «company-client», provides high-quality service of the customers, develops perspective directions of activity, which bring in a return the clients, develops and inculcates high-efficiency financial instruments.

The main office of company is located in town Oklend, which is in New Zeland, the network of representative offices and branches of company constantly develops and today representative offices and branches of Forex Trend successfully work in many cities of Rosii, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, and also in India, Slovakia and Czekh . Only offices of company are presented in 25 cities of the world .

company Forex Trend

company Forex Trend

A company Forex Trend has all necessary licenses in an order to carry on broker activity. An ascent of company Forex Trend on own financial olimp was swift and noticeable. Achievements of company passed a test time, by the strict estimations of financial experts and rigorisms of clients of . Confirmation there are victories that in competitions, selections and the first lines in the type ratings :

• 2010 a year is victory in a nomination the «New product» and bonus «Ukrainian financial olimp» is introduction of the system of «Pamm 2.0», which distributes risks between managers and investors .

• 2010 year – the authoritative rating of brokers of forex determines a company Forex Trend by a winner in a nomination the «Best broker of the world for the investors of forex» on the version of Academy Master of forex .

• 2011 year — Forex Trend, as a successful company became the laureate of bonus «Ukrainian Financial Olympus» in a nomination «Leader of Industry».

• 2012 year – company Forex Trend became the laureate of bonus of «Luxury Lifestyle Awards» for achievements in industries of luxury and products of class «Lyx», including high-quality broker services.

• 2012 year — Forex Trend became the best broker of the world for the investors of forex on the version of academy of Masterforex for innovations and new products, including for the index of pamm accounts.

• 2013 gained the year of – company at once two victories in two nomination on the version of academy of Masterforex : the «best forex broker of the world» and the «best pamm broker of the world».

Products and services of company always entered the market first and always answered the queries of time :

• Pamm 2.0 is distributing of risks between investors and managers .

• Indexes of pamm accounts are the prepared investment brief-cases, companies of Forex Trend formed specialists from the pamm accounts of the most successful managers which minimize risks and promote the degree of reliability of facilities.

• Insurance of investments – joint with SK «Aster» service in insurance of investments in the pamm accounts of governors Forex Trend .

• Favour a «investment consultant» is possibility to take under wing the investments of novices experimental investors and thus to earn on commissions .

Today 70% investors and the 90% best managers of Runet work with a company Forex Trend. Exactly Forex Trend has a high degree of oriented to the client, on-line of conference of guidance of company with clients, regular competitions and actions, bonus programs and programs of loyalty of, all manner of suggestion of additional earnings and encouragement became for a company already by kind tradition .

Forex Trend during all years of the activity actively develops the social vector of the work, supports sporting measures. Repeatedly a company came forward a partner or sponsor of sporting measures, supporting spiritual development of society and healthy way of life . Purpose of company Forex Trend – to help a man to show in itself such possibilities which will help to attain the most bold aims, it touches sport, and, sure, directly process of investing .

The most important reward for a company Forex Trend – it trust and confession of clients. Honoured artist of Russia of Gauche of Kucenko, Olympic champion Alexander Usik, Olympic champion Vasiliy Lomachenko, prince Maximilian Background of Gabsburg and numerous clients of company the long-term work with Forex Trend was prove the devotion and confidence in reliability of company .

Company Forex Trend — always on a step ahead, welfare and success of the clients, for the sake of their financial stability, for the sake of their well-to-do future .

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