Effective investments

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Effective investments — what is it and when can they be named effective? Let us consider this question and will compel our money to work with the doubled energy! So, all it is already known a long ago, that «money do money», all soundly understanding individuals thus earn to itself on comfortable existence . Prospect constantly to live from a salary to the salary or to exist in old age on a beggarly pension makes nobody happy and it is needed to search the alternative methods of earnings, as one of variants — to place

effective investments.

effective investments

effective investments

That, let us consider, as effective investments, must look what criteria they must correspond( on my, personal persuasion) :

• Possibility of receipt of passive profit — it one of main( if not above all criterion) choice of variants where it is advantageous to inlay money. Now there is a great number of the most different ways of advantageous investment, however, some of them require the permanent and daily monitoring of situation. Not always there is possibility to spare intent attention to it, therefore not always effective investments I examine only from the point of view of efficiency of economic indicators.

• Reliability — this index too is one of major, especially on beginning of investing. On the initial stage it is very important to moderate the financial appetite and withstand before temptation to swallow the bait to the swindlers. In course of time a private investor already not so pays attention to it, as with experience he understands that sometimes, there is sense to invest in less reliable instruments with the purpose of receipt of additional income. I will try to explain on an own example. Two years back I did not even examine the variants of investing in the different types of financial pyramids. It is very effective investments from the point of view of drawing high dividends, however,in too time very risky. Today such highly risk investments are in my investment brief-case, but occupy no more than 10%- 12%, id est that part that I can take the liberty of to lose without every consequences. Novices I advise to begin only with the tested variants of investing.

• Long-termness — such investing must have actuality during the protracted period of time, it, in turn, gives to the investors an additional confidence in transparency of such investments.

• High profitableness is an investment it is difficult to examine under 7%- 9% annual, as effective investments. Quite another business, when a profitableness is 40% and higher.

There are yet some criteria for a selection, but they not so are important, as above enumerated. Exactly an analysis and calculation help an investor to do a correct choice in behalf on that, or another variant of investing.We wish to you always to do a correct choice and that you always had effective investments only .

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