Efficiency of investments

27 Июн

Economic efficiency of investments is a measure of expedience of the use of economic decisions in relation to the methods of the use of financial, labour and money resources. Efficiency is this  attitude of the got results toward mine-out charges. If attitude of result toward charges is the index of efficiency, a difference between a result and charges is the index of effect.

Economic efficiency of investments is determined as attitude of effect got toward investment investments which caused this effect. Under results those profits are understood, what z»yavlyayut’sya as a result of functioning of the realized enterprise project (profit, balance income, net income, economic prime price). Two  aspects have efficiency of investments in modern society: economic and social.

Basic kinds are social results of investments, can be followings:

•          a change of workings seating capacity is in a region,

•          improvement of dwellings and in a civilized manner – domestic terms of workers,

•          change of terms of labour,

•          economy of spare time of population,

•          changes of level of zdorov»ya workers of population and other

Absolute efficiency of investments is determined by attitude of the got results toward charges (profitability of capital investments) or charges to the result (term of recoupment of capital investments). General economic efficiency characterizes general profitability of introduction of new technique, technologies of production, for a national economy or general size of return, got as a result of realization of investments.

Estimation, based on comparing of absolute estimation of project to the accepted norm name absolutely comparative by the estimation of profitability of project. In the conditions of  market economy every enterprise sets the norm of profitability of capital investments independently,zalezhno from the put aims.

A comparative estimation consists in that among alternative alternate or projects designs a selection is carried out the best, optimum for providing of most efficiency of investments.


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