Forex trading robots

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Trading in the currency market may perform not only by hand, giving orders to buy and sell, you can also use forex trading robots. Call these robots trading advisor (from the English. Expert advisor), and these advisers are not more than the algorithm in the form of computer code by which certain automated trading (including analytical).

There are advisors who sell instead of the trader (they take positions in their algorithm) and advisers who perform support functions (for example, automatically find indicators to the price). Shopping Advisor — this is not necessarily a robot, it could be some sort of utility performs routine tasks in the trade.

forex trading robots

forex trading robots

Why use robots, if you can trade manually, studying technical analysis, examining the different aspects of trading and picking strategy? What is the advantage of forex robots?

• First — automation of trade. The trader did not need to sit in front of the monitor, concluding the transaction manually.

• Lack of advisers emotions inherent in man, especially now I mean fear and greed. Human emotions hinder trade forex.

• Strict adherence to fair trade system.

• Automatic control of the size of the position.

• The ability to quickly test and optimize based on historical data.

However, I want to say that not everything is rosy and wonderful. Do not think in any case that you only need to «put» the robot and he bude you to «cut cabbage» with incredible speed, and you’ll enjoy life while sipping cocktails on the beach overseas. No, forex trading robots is not a panacea for all problems.

Some new traders are confident that the adviser knows and can do everything, as this pinnacle of human skills in the field of artificial intelligence. No, this is not true. Forex Trading Robots — this is just an automated algorithm to set certain conditions y advisers have certain disadvantages:

• They can not spend discretionary analysis — if manual trading, you can assess the situation as a whole, look at some of the factors «by eye», to carry out certain considerations, the Advisor is a mechanical device and, therefore, can not carry out such an analysis.

• Counselors can not act intuitively — they will not enter into a deal until the conditions for the entry, which is incorporated in its algorithm.

• Counselors can not respond to the fundamental factors (speeches of politicians, global catastrophes, terrorist attacks, etc.).

Thus we come to the fact that forex trading robots have both pluses and minuses. Automated trading  in the currency market — this is not manna from heaven, it’s just a slightly different approach to trading and another look at earnings in the foreign exchange market. That’s what we’ll talk in the following materials.

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