GMT offset parameter

27 Июн

In the previous article we looked at what the magic number option and what it is for the trader .Today, in this article I’ll talk about how to exhibit parameter setting GMT offset or the deviation from Greenwich Mean Time. Some advisers have such a setting, it is also present in some of the indicators.

Since the time of the terminal Metatrader4 usually different for different brokers, the counselor sometimes just need to know what to navigate, how different times in your terminal from Greenwich Mean Time.

GMT offset

GMT offset

What is Greenwich Mean Time? Time Greenwich — is the world standard time, which is not subject to any time zone, not subject to Daylight saving time is a «gold» standard against which to easily navigate the time in a country. For this just need to know as far as it differs from the Greenwich Mean Time.

Well, let’s look at how to set up GMT offset. First we need to open in my browser string This is a site where you can easily see the Greenwich Mean Time. In the yellow box is a switch on the 24-hour format, for convenience it can be switched, and then we will see Greenwich Mean Time.

Next, you need to go in the trading terminal and to pay attention to the window «Market Watch» where we can see the time on the server of our brokerage. Difference between the time on a server and broker UTC and GMT will be the value for the offset.

Once again — for each broker, this difference may have its value, respectively, and the GMT offset may be different. This option, if necessary, fit into the setting forex advisor  or indicator.

Just like you can set up GMT offset, it is only at first glance complicated phrase, in fact, as you could see — all very elementary and simple, no problems with the installation of this option, you should not be.

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