How to install forex advisor

13 Июн

Welcome, dear friends. Today we talk about how to install forex advisor Metatrader 4 terminal, and what settings you need to specify the terminal to work properly.

If you submit the required procedures as certain algorithm, you should do the following:
• Copy the files of the adviser and the files came with them to the terminal Metatrader 4.
• Set the terminal.
• Attach Advisor to the chart.

how to install forex advisor

how to install forex advisor

Here, in fact, these three simple steps and you should take this brief answer to the question «how to install forex advisor.»

Well, look at these steps in more detail and start with copying files. It so happens that in the archive you downloaded, together with the counselor everything is distributed in folders, and is sometimes so that the files are in a «handful.» And that is absolutely normal and current, do not panic if you have downloaded the lucrative Advisor , and you have no files are distributed into folders.

What should I do in this case? In this case, you need to copy the files into the directory data Adviser our terminal Metatrader 4. To do this, run the terminal itself, inside the terminal to press the button «File» — «Open Directory Data.» In the opened folder, you need to find a catalog of MQL4, click on it twice with the mouse, and then copy the files here advisor.

The files are in the folder advisor «Experts», it is here and we need to copy them. The first step is to copy the files of the advisor, usually a file with the name and ex4 mq4. Please note that the file mq4 can sometimes miss — this is normal. File mq4 — is the source forex advisor  it is necessary to make changes. If you do not have programming skills, you this file is completely useless. If still present both files — copy them to both .Fayl ex4 — is directly executable advisor who needs to work properly with it.

However, often complete with a counselor in addition to the file of the trading robot go even further files, such as data libraries (libraries), additional indicators (indicators), which are necessary for the adviser, and are in some cases presets (presets) — a set of predefined settings for trading.

As a rule, the most frequent library files included with yourself advisor .Ih you can find the file extension .dll. This file should be located in the terminal in a folder in the directory MQL4 «Libraries». It is here that you want to copy the library file, which comes bundled with a counselor.

As I wrote, complete with a counselor may go some additional indicators needed to run the advisor. If they are present — they must also take and copy the folder indicators.

Also were present files can be set, that is, configuration files are files .If presentedin — they also need to copy the folder inside the folder MQL4 terminal subfolder presets. If this folder is not in the catalog — it can be created manually.

So, after we have copied all the files — we will restart the terminal (close it and re-open). If it (the terminal) does not restart — advisers simply will not be visible.

To configure Advisor to work, you must first go to the tab «Tools» — «Settings»- «advisers» and in this tab, you need to put down a tick where appropriate.

Note that the button «advisors» at the top of the terminal to be with a green background, if it will have a red square — advisors in this case will not work.

To attach the Advisor to the chart, you must first open the schedule required currency pair and if the time frame for the counselor not H1 (hourly chart) — must be changed to the desired. Remember, the time frame for the work specified in the description to the counselor himself.

If EA trades on several currency parah- to open, respectively, several windows and attached to each of adviser. If you have several different advisors, but they trade on one currency pair -Need to open multiple windows.

Well, I think you understand how to install forex advisor, if you have some doubts about the correctness of your actions — go to the website and look prostorunet a series of video tutorials on how to how to install forex advisor correctly.

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