How to invest in an index top 20

29 Авг

I welcome, expensive readers of blog how to earn money in the internet .Today I will tell you how to invest in an index top 20 : as correct to score first in index top 20 , how to bring in on him money and as possible then to show out money with index top 20 .

So in an order to register oneself in a project index top 20, it is necessary to visit an official page (id est, to pass to the web-site of index top).On a web-site you must press on a picture «Register oneself on a web-site Forex MMCIS Group» .

to invest in an index top

to invest in an index top

After pressure you get on a page for registration in index top 20, from below a page there is the field «investing in the index of managers», where actually to you and it is needed to press for registration. What data do you here need to enter? you must fill the next fields:

• Login — you think of a login and he needs to be entered in English a letter

• Password — think of a password, that must consist of numbers and letters

• Repeat a password

• Enter the last name, name, patronymic

• E-mail (it is needed to enter the real mail, as confirmation will come you about registration on your e — mail). If you this confirmation will not press, then your account will not be ready to work and, accordingly, you will not be able to invest in an index top 20

• Further fill the data about birth, city of residence, country etc. Memorize are those fields that marked an asterisk — obligatory for filling

• The Credit shoulder — if you do not gather to trade on this account, then this field of the special value does not have

• Necessarily to tick off in the field «I agree with the terms of contract».

• We Insymbol, that is visible on a picture and only after it we press to «score first»

Here, actually, and all procedure of scoring first in an order to invest in an index top 20 . Since you will push the button «To score first», accordingly, you will be automatically redirected in the just created personal cabinet .

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