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Today I want you to acquaint more carefully with a company MMCIS, and more precisely — with her project index топ 20 .Forex MMCIS was promoted company a long ago enough, at the market she works more than six years. Approximately to 2013 company of сосредотачивала the efforts on the grant of services in a confidence management.From after high threshold of included in a confidence management from 10 000 dollars company, more faithful her services were not well-known in investment circles, as such services large investors could take advantage of only .

Except service of confidence management, a company has an own investment fund also — mmcis investments, that also works long enough and stably pays a profit to the investors . A minimum deposit here makes far less than are only 2500 dollars, that was a substantial plus, especially for beginning investors. However from recent pores this fund became closed and new registrations, new investors in this fund are already impossible .Now there people that registered there the registration records early can invest only, when a fund of mmcis investments was open .

product top 20

product top 20

In an order to increase an inflow a investments company created a span-new index product top 20. What does it mean? An investor, inlaying the money, at once gives them in a management not alone, and to twenty tomanagers. Id est, this product top 20 is the prepared investment brief-case. Now all risc of investor is crushed on twenty parts, id est if one or a few traders go to minus of- other is compensated this losses . Exactly by it and investments are good in an index top 20 id est losses is compensated due to other accounts .

Product top 20 was created at the beginning of 2013, except for a previous month always showed a very decent profitableness . It, firstly allowed to the ordinary people to «enter» a confidence management to the top traders of company Forex MMCIS Group and most important, threshold of included in an index top 20 makes not 10 000 dollars already, and all what that 100 dollars . Id est, inlaying only one hundred dollars, an investor inlays them at once proportionally between the best twenty of traders . It is a very large plus, a profit is charged extra one time in a month, a company mmcis takes only the commission from a profit. Till recently a commission made standard 15% from a profit. Now — she depends on the term of deposit and makes from 15% to 11%.

Here such interesting product top 20 was created by a company Forex MMCIS Group. As I already talked repeatedly, with a company I cooperate more than year, about it yet felt sorry never, even in spite of the recent fuss related to passing of verification .

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