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17 Авг

Now each of us has unique possibility to earn from 50% to 200% arrived in a year. It became possible due to one of instruments of company Forex MMCIS Group . An instrument that allows to get such profitableness is an index top 20, exactly investments in top 20 today became very popular among investors .

In an order to become familiar with that, what is it and made decision to invest or no it is needed to pass to the web-site of company and call on a banner with an advertisement an index top 20.

Thus, we get on the informative page of this service, where us it is similarly offered to register, oneself to fill up a basic account and translate money in an index in top 20 .
Before that or to undertake and do

investments in top

let us understand with that, what it such the index top 20 is a new instrument, that a company started quite recently, however already having time to collect large popularity among investors with a different capital, as allows to participate in him practically all .

investments in top

investments in top

In an order to do investments in top 20 one hundred dollars( certainly, it is possible anymore, it is a simply minimum sum for investments) are needed just and all. There is not a necessity to have the special knowledge, to study the difficult specialized literature and conduct the analysis of the economic and political state of countries you — for you all of it will be done by the twenty best traders of company Forex MMCIS Group .

Accordingly, investments in top 20 is this simultaneous investing in twenty of the best traders, in a number that all ten participants of rating of managing traders and his leaders Konstantin Kondakov, Vitaly Bereznoy and Sergey Volkov .

On the essence index top 20 Pamm Account, reminds but, nevertheless, differs from them, because top 20 are large investment accounts, that is analogical to the accounts on a confidence management and consist of the incorporated index accounts of investors with a small capital .
On such incorporated accounts signals are afterwards copied from the trade accounts of twenty managers of traders, that, in turn gives an opportunity to these traders to buy and sell the necessary large volumes of currencies at the currency market of forex .

After the done investment in top 20 money pro-rated between the accounts of the best professional managing traders, that trade in the flow of month, whereupon the system on results a profitableness pays your profit to you .

If twenty traders in a month in totality showed a middle profitableness 8% — means you get 8% to the income(it is necessary to take into account that company MMCIS Investments  from these 8% abandons some part to itself for mediation, and exactly — 15%). Advantage of such type of investing consists of that your account does not register to what or to one managing trader, and divided between all due to what trade risk, maximally go down because if even one or two managers on results work for a month will show a loss — other traders will recover this loss the profitable trade and in the total you will get an income however.
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Now that we understood with what investments in top 20 you can make decision to invest in an index top or no. If you made decision to get a stable and high income during throughout the year — push the button «Invest in index top 20″

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