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In a difference from investments in an index top 20 , investing in a confidence management in a company Forex MMCIS Group begins from 10 000 American dollars. A bag is large, enough and on condition that giving an account in a management is possible only to one trader — it is very important it is initially correct to choose managing trader . For that, that doing it is needed to call on a page confidence management through a menu in the personal cabinet. On the opened page it is possible to see what managers of MMCIS are presented in him .In this list, as we already talked repeatedly, is only ten the best from the best .

managers of mmcis

managers of mmcis

In an order to look the detailed information about a trader, it is enough to call on his last name with the name.For example, we choose first-ever in a list — Kondakov Konstantin Georgievich .

On the opened page with the personal data(all managers of MMCIS have such pages) us next information is accessible to :
• the last Name, name, patronymic
• Date of birth
• Experience of work of manager in a company Forex MMCIS Group
• Education of manager : where he studied, what faculty had ended .
• Short description of the used trade strategy
• With what assets and what exchanges the managers of MMCIS work on
• What experience at a trader on work on financial markets
• List of brokers with that a manager worked or works now
• Forecast profit in an annual calculation
• Commission of managing trader for the services. The size of commission the managers of MMCIS appoint independently
• Short information and suggestion for investors from a manager
• Pin information of managing trader

Exactly it is also possible to look over analogical information on every trader from a list . All this information is needed in order that you as an investor could understand: the chosen experiences how enough by you manager, what experience and possibility of the personal connection for him are with a trader for the discussion of all details of collaboration .

It is also needed to take into account that the Russian-language

managers of MMCIS

are present in a list not only, therefore not superfluous on-line will have at a hand translator .

If you are a practicing trader and wish to get an additional profit, here not changing the withstand type of trade, you similarly can become to the managers in a company Forex MMCIS Group and to earn considerably anymore through bringing in of additional investments . For this purpose you simply must push the button «To Become a trader». After it you it will be offered to fill a questionnaire that is filled by all managers of MMCIS. In fact, in this questionnaire you must answer the same questions, that we saw in the detailed information about a manager. After filling of questionnaire you will have to conclude a treaty and pass verification security service to the company .

If it is all right — the system will begin to process your indexes of trade and if they will be high enough, to get in the list of the ten best traders of company Forex MMCIS Group — your data will appear in a cabinet for all clients of company. Due to it investors will be able to pass to you in a management the accounts. The just the same chart of work is used by all managers of MMCIS.

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