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27 Май

Trade Wall is another unique and very interesting service from Zulu Trade . This service allows to see real-time which one transactions providers open or close from around the world . In order that looking, as it takes place, is needed to press on reference «who now trades»  and before us the special window, will be opened where in on-line mode( id est, real-time mode ) and all transactions of providers will be represented .

Information that is presented on the platform of  Trade Wall maximum clear :

  • shows what currency pair that is closed on, or another transaction and by which one provider of signals
  • at what price
  • whether he began to work on her money, or lost

On the right there is a small filter that allows to choose which one transactions  us for a reflection in service of

Trade Wall  :

  • open or closed
  • only providers with the real subscribers or providers with reports in status
trade wall

trade wall

Last, that can be here added- in the working days of currency market of forex in lower part account it is possible to look after trade activity, id est to see what percent of traders sells or buys one or another currency.Sometimes such information is very useful, for example, for investments in binary options .

That, we recommend to use given an opportunity, as service of Trade Wall allows to find that interesting for itself, to nose after work what that provider and, maybe, to add him to the brief-case .

For those, whoever watched after previous materials I want to remind that in more detail with all possibilities of platform of Trade Wall and platforms of Zulu trade  you can become familiar, getting the free videocourse  of forex  Zulu Trader.It is unique in its way material from that you can know, how to build the earnings in a network the internet and as possible to earn at the currency market of forex , not having for this purpose practically no knowledge on traders . From lessons you know, what automatic trade on forex  and how to use her in the aims for commercialisation.

Subscribe to our distribution and get reference to the flush-off of course of  Zulu Trader quite free of charge, become familiar with the platform of Trade Wall and begin to earn immediately!

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