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21 Апр

Private  investor — is it a myth or reality? To date it is very often possible to hear erroneous statements that touch  such concept, as a private investor. I will try to blow about some myths.

    • Private investor — it multi  millionaire and in any way differently. Really, first,that occurs to us, when we hear  this word-combination. On this basis, the amount  of  private investor strongly limits and does not exceed a few thousand persons. On the matter   of private investors in the world not simply много — of them very much.  To begin to invest  at the market of forex , it is needed  to inlay 30 dollars of the USA only, and to get free signals from traders from  around the world — 500 dollars of the USA . As we see, not such and large facilities are needed for the beginning of investing. Naturally, such tiny bag  will not allow to you at once from a place in a quarry  to earn millions, but inlaying  a sum more, it is already possible to count on the receipt of substantial income. For example, at investing from 2500$ you will be able to count on an income in size of 50% — 60% annual.

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  • Possession secret knowledge and over by capabilities. Led so, that majority considers that for  a management it is necessary to own financial investments by secret knowledge that is accessible only to units.  Actually, the amount of punters in is the world calculated  by millions, and a trader — it an usual  profession already, as, we will say footballer. To become a successful merchant at the currency market, undoubtedly, necessary talent, as well as in music, sport, and somewhere. Therefore,

    private investor

    are a not apex  » of select», and ordinary people, that  studied the lessons of forex , expended the time and money in the study of other no less important aspects.

private investor

private investor

So who  nevertheless such  private investor ?  A private investor is a man,  that possesses  some capital and gets a certain profit from investing of the facilities. The amount of people for that investing became the basic source of profit increases with every year.

Have because of, that in an order to become a successful investor, it is necessary to study, as scienter an illiterate man will not be able during the protracted interval of time to get stable  additional profits.

Except a desire and ability of another obligatory constituent there is a presence of free capital. As I talked already, the sum of capital can fact different, it can be 30 dollars, and it is possible to invest and a sum  is far more. How many to invest — to decide only to you. Naturally your profit straight will depend on the size  of your start-up capital.

Realization of investments can become both basic and additional source of profit, as does not require the considerable charges of time, just the same approach in the work is used by a private investor .

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