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Cabinet in MMCIS Forex Group

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Before to take up investments or independent trade, it is necessary to study what the personal cabinet in MMCIS and his functional that in subsequent it was possible quickly to find exactly that, that interests you .

After an entrance on a web-site you get at once in the personal

cabinet in MMCIS

on a main page, therefore an only difference is a menu of the personal cabinet .

cabinet in mmcis

cabinet in mmcis

Let us consider this menu more detailed :

• Personal data — passing in this menu, we get on a page with a form, where indicated our the personal data, and also three buttons down for possibility of editing of these data . Pushing the button «To Edit data» it is possible to get on a page, where it is possible to change all higher cited data, except a login . In an order to change login — it is necessary to appeal to service of support . Pushing the button «To Change a password» — get on the page of changing of password, where you must enter an old password at first, and then new and to confirm his repeated input . After changing of password on a mailing address, advising will come you about changing of password . Pushing the button «To Translate an account in a group «Forex Active» — you will see a pop-up with a query how really you want to change the type of account, and also warning that all remain of bonus facilities will be written-off from your account . If you with this agree — simply push the button «Ok». If you did not pay attention in the moment of registration on a web-site and typeselection of account, then I will remind -the account of Forex Active is intended for those, who uses strategy of scalping for independent trade. At the use of this type of account bonuses are not charged extra, accordingly, in transition on this account copied off . If you are interested exceptionally by investing — you are better to remain on the classic type of account and bring in no changes .
• personal cabinet in MMCIS also contains a point to «Fill up an account». About that, how to do it you can read on our blog in material «Addition to the account in MMCIS».
• order payment — six methods of conclusion of facilities, and also method of transfer of costs between the accounts into the system and method through that it is possible to invest in index top 20 are here presented. If you will have complications with the conclusion of facilities from the system, you can take advantage of book-mark «Videoturn» and to get necessary answers .
• a confidence management — we already told about it on the pages of our blog .
• history of operations — all history of the financial operations, conducted by you is here kept and also the common amount of the conducted operations is represented .
• following three points, namely to «Participate in competitions», «Invite a friend» and «Forex tournaments» we will consider in one of the nearest materials, we will consider therefore, that we in detail studied what the personal cabinet in MMCIS and his menu.