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Forex tournaments

19 Июл

Except a demo account for training and participating in competitions a company Forex MMCIS Group offers to all persons interested unique possibility — forex tournaments .

For participating in tournaments it is necessary to choose a bookmark «tournaments» in a right side on the web-site of company.

Forex tournaments

are a new type of trade at the market of forex, invented by a company Forex MMCIS Group at that all transactions take place inwardly trade center , as tournaments are competitions of traders inter se .

forex tournaments

forex tournaments

Due to it such forex tournaments possess record speed of execution of warrants, because all operations are executed on the server of company MMCIS demo. Also tournaments possess new financial strength security — all money of participants of tournaments is kept on the special account of company . After completion of tournament money is instantly distributed between winners .

Such forex tournaments have absolute transparency, as participants form the prize fund of every tournament and can watch after his height and correct distribution .

All forex tournaments are divided by three kinds :

  • Freeroll
  • Tournaments
  • Sit and Gow

Freeroll are forex tournaments , it is possible to begin in that, inlaying not a copeck of the personal funds, that very befits for novices . All that needs you — it to register oneself on a web-site, to get a trade terminal, to choose a tournament and register oneself in it . After it it is needed simply to enter the got login and password in a trade terminal for trade . Wins in such tournament that, who will get a most profit, but even, if you did not get a most profit — you however will remain without «nothing» because in a tournament one hundred prize places. In addition, in a difference from competitions, the money got for victory in freerolls does not pass to the account as bonuses. These money can be drawn from an account and show out from the system by any comfortable for you method .

Forex tournaments and sit and gow are intended for more professional traders that has experience at the currency market .Here traders compete inter se for a prize fund that is formed by bringing of money for participating in a tournament. Therefore for participating in these types of tournaments it is necessary to fill up the account minimum on a 1 dollar .

In an order in more detail to know about terms and rules of tournaments it is needed to read these rules or look instruction to video . Also will pay attention to useful information, that is on the web-site of company . On a page «about tournaments» more detailed description over of principle of action of all tournaments with the simplified chart, and also condition of participation is brought .

On a page «Agreement» is presented agreement for participating in tournaments about closing of deal on the grants of information, of analytical data, signals and tournaments .

If you do not have experience but you want to begin to work not inlaying or professional trader and wish to know as far as you are strong by comparison to other traders are forex tournaments of company Forex MMCIS Group exactly that, that needs you.