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Company MMCIS Investments

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In an order to consider the company MMCIS and his work in more detail, it is enough to pass on book-marks, that is present on every page:

• Assets — the chart of height of assets of company MMCIS Investments is presented for period 2004 for 2013 . If in the beginning the assets of company made the 49,76  million dollars USA, that on May, 01, 2013 the company MMCIS disposes assets to the amount of 1889,37 million dollars of the USA, here the increase of cost of assets more than half happened literally for the last three years . It talks that the fund of MMCIS Investments for nine years managed to prove quality of the work and deserved a trust from the side of investors .

• Profits — the general chart of profitableness of company is here presented on years for all period of work for comfort of visual perception, in that a potential annual profitableness is also taken into account for 2013 on the basis of average monthly income, of the work got for the first months . Down on a page the detailed chart of profitableness of company is presented on months for every year of work of

company MMCIS .

company MMCIS

company MMCIS

Due to this chart it is possible in detail to consider when and what profitableness was in a company . Also in for comfort of users the calculator of profitableness is presented the bottom of page . By means of this calculator it is possible to know what profit you would get, инвестировав in the company MMCIS certain sum for the certain interval of time . The calculations of calculator are conducted on the basis of indexes of profitableness of company for 2011, it is therefore needed to take into account that in fact your profit can be below or the sum higher got in a calculator .

• Projects — on this page short information is present about that in what invests the fund  MMCIS Investments money of investors : papers of companies of different industries, хеджевые funds, of the program of confidence management on exchanges, bank deposits, profitable instruments money and promissory markets, and also mainly in industry innovative and IT of technologies .

• to Investors — information is here presented about the middle profitableness of company for a crisis 2008 year on four basic basic directions of activity, and also information broadly speaking that almost 90% all projects, in that take participation company MMCIS Investments — successful, therefore they easily recover losses from failure projects . Except it three important advices are here given to every beginning investor :

1. Do not pursue after a too high income — than higher potential income, the higher risk .

2. Management it is better to entrust to assets the professionals that have long-term experience and understand it lot better you.

3. Investments always were and will be more advantageous than storage of money, because got a 10%- 12% annual from storage money in a bank is simply eaten by inflation, that for a year on the average grows on 13%- 15%.

• Contacts — you can see the official numbers of telephones of representative offices of company in fifteen countries of the world . you can call on any of these numbers and arrange about a reception in an office in comfortable for you time, the company MMCIS Investments always goes to meet the clients .The photos of two main offices of company and e are also presented are mail addresses of services of technical support to the company, where you can set any question and in the earliest possible dates to get a skilled help .

Except it, because the investment company MMCIS Investments constantly searches new possibilities for advantageous a инвестирования- company offers financing . The fund of MMCIS Investments carries out financing of projects both by equity participation and by the mortgage crediting, here financing can be carried out as for already existent projects, so for the projects of the most initial stage, that gives an opportunity to very many to incarnate the ideas in reality . Not only investors but also businessmen can earn with the company MMCIS Investments for this reason .

In spite of that a company examines any projects, she gives preference to the innovative ideas and projects in the field of IT of technologies . It is also needed to take into account that a company finances projects with a minimum cost one million dollars of the USA . If you have an innovative idea but there is not money on her realization — it maybe exactly that, that needs you .


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Company Forex MMCIS Group — it daughter’s company, at the head of that costs the investment fund MMCIS Investments. In order that knowing, the clients of company get what it after a fund and what possibilities, is necessary to pass to the official web-site of company and will get down on the bottom of main page . Here in the list of the services given by a company, it is necessary to choose corresponding reference — MMCIS Investments.

Passing on reference, you get in the investment

fund MMCIS

(more precisely — on the web-site of company). For further work will simply save this page in book-marks for more comfortable and rapid access .

fund mmcis

fund mmcis

Let us try to find an answer for a question — what such investment fund MMCIS  ? It the fund of open type, that offers to all persons interested possibility to invest in reliable, modern projects and stably to get an income(on the average to 50% annual). Investing in the fund MMCIS Investments, you get an income not from a separate project or on a certain rate, as it is accepted in most funds, but from the total income of fund on all projects. Due to it your income is hadged and does not depend on success of certain project .
Also the investment fund MMCIS gives to the clients the complete monthly accounting about the financial state of fund and monthly extra charge with interest payment . A minimum deposit in MMCIS Investments makes 2500 dollars, and a commission of company is only 15% from the got income .

The minimum term of investing makes three months, after that you can prolong the participation, taking away an income, to reinvest part of facilities or it is simple to take away the money if the investment fund MMCIS you does not arrange .
It is needed to take into account that all holding is fully anonymous and insured because kept in one of the most reliable banks of the world .
In an order to know about a company more detailed, it is necessary to pass to the inset » About a company» . A company MMCIS Investments began the existence in 2004 as a private investment fund of the closed type, but already in 2006 it was made decision to do a fund open, because founders understood that the collected command of professionals is able to master any volume of investments .

One of main dignities of fund is independence, because he is not included in more large financial structures, and is absent risk of pressure outside, due to what a fund fully independently accepts all decisions . For the same reason in MMCIS Investments the own state of highly skilled specialists, works that do more quality analytic geometry for more short spaces, that, in turn, positively affects on the profitableness of company and investors .
It is also needed to mark that 10% the investment fund MMCIS gives all income on charity through founded by a company own benevolent fund . About that, whether it is needed to trust the investment fund  MMCIS Investments you will be always able to know, reading reviews in the internet or looking video reviews on the web-site of company, pressing on corresponding reference to the main page . After click a pop-up will appear with the reviews of a few known businessmen that personally invest in the investment fund MMCIS and recommend other, because know that it is reliable .

By the way, a company offers to the clients the most various variants of collaboration — it is now possible not only to invest in the investment fund MMCIS but also it is possible to inlay in a confidence management a capital or in an index top 20.