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Effective investments

3 Окт

Effective investments — what is it and when can they be named effective? Let us consider this question and will compel our money to work with the doubled energy! So, all it is already known a long ago, that «money do money», all soundly understanding individuals thus earn to itself on comfortable existence . Prospect constantly to live from a salary to the salary or to exist in old age on a beggarly pension makes nobody happy and it is needed to search the alternative methods of earnings, as one of variants — to place

effective investments.

effective investments

effective investments

That, let us consider, as effective investments, must look what criteria they must correspond( on my, personal persuasion) :

• Possibility of receipt of passive profit — it one of main( if not above all criterion) choice of variants where it is advantageous to inlay money. Now there is a great number of the most different ways of advantageous investment, however, some of them require the permanent and daily monitoring of situation. Not always there is possibility to spare intent attention to it, therefore not always effective investments I examine only from the point of view of efficiency of economic indicators.

• Reliability — this index too is one of major, especially on beginning of investing. On the initial stage it is very important to moderate the financial appetite and withstand before temptation to swallow the bait to the swindlers. In course of time a private investor already not so pays attention to it, as with experience he understands that sometimes, there is sense to invest in less reliable instruments with the purpose of receipt of additional income. I will try to explain on an own example. Two years back I did not even examine the variants of investing in the different types of financial pyramids. It is very effective investments from the point of view of drawing high dividends, however,in too time very risky. Today such highly risk investments are in my investment brief-case, but occupy no more than 10%- 12%, id est that part that I can take the liberty of to lose without every consequences. Novices I advise to begin only with the tested variants of investing.

• Long-termness — such investing must have actuality during the protracted period of time, it, in turn, gives to the investors an additional confidence in transparency of such investments.

• High profitableness is an investment it is difficult to examine under 7%- 9% annual, as effective investments. Quite another business, when a profitableness is 40% and higher.

There are yet some criteria for a selection, but they not so are important, as above enumerated. Exactly an analysis and calculation help an investor to do a correct choice in behalf on that, or another variant of investing.We wish to you always to do a correct choice and that you always had effective investments only .

Investments in forex

16 Июл

Investments in forex profitable business or nevertheless empty spending of money? Such dilemma costs overeated many users . Personally I meet the simply enormous amount of expressions that forex — it deception lie etc. I remember, there was even expression of next character are «People, disbelieve, the proprietor of forex» earns only. What does it talk about? It talks that such expressions write » professional «, that or in general not acquainted with a currency market( well but as it is yet possible to describe a man that uses a phrase «proprietor of forex») or people that did not even try to go deep in essence of methods of earnings at the currency market of forex .

Personally I made sure on the experience, that

investments in forex

are not so risk business, as present him some. Moreover, at knowledge of some secrets, such investments are not highly a risk in general.
That, let us consider some investments in forex , that bring an excellent profit and here it is not nearly needed whole days to sit at a computer and be a trader with the world name .

investments in forex

investments in forex

At first I want to present a span-new method, how to earn money in the internet — investment in an index top. Such investments in forex bring a very good profitableness( on the average about 10% in a month) and that most important does not require mega knowledge for the receipt of income . Every persons interested can invest in index top 20, even that, whoever has in general no idea neither about investments nor about forex.

The second method, about that I want today to you to tell it is difficult a bit, here already without the preliminary educating not to treat and a «complete tea-pot» will not be able thus to make money. However all so difficult, expending day- other in the studies of theory it is possible with a confidence to set to the investments in forex .

And so, we present the free(while) videocourse of Zulu Trader to your attention . This material will show( and will prove) to you, as possible to earn at the market of forex in the automatic mode, not having here necessary knowledge for trading in general . That seemed a fairy-tale yet a few years ago — today reality. As you know probably, only little part of traders trades profitable, other can not be praised to these. Why, asked, to risk us and depend upon success, if it is possible » to oversee» at work of profi, fully to copy their transactions and get an income . A company » Alpari» offers to the clients to take advantage of unique service of Zulu Trade, with him your investments in forex will bring a solid profit .

To inlay money under percents

2 Июн

Hello, respected readers of blog «How to earn money in the internet» . Lately to me often does apply with a the same question : where is it possible advantageously to inlay money under percents ? The permanent readers of our( and not only our) blog already understood, that money must work and bring in a return, therefore they( readers) search new variants in what it is better to inlay money . As letters with requests come growingly, I decided to write a separate post about that, how and where it is advantageous

to inlay money under percents .

So, today we will consider the variant of investing in a confidence management in an index top 20 is the unique innovative technology, worked out by the specialists of company MMCIS , that allows to the investors advantageously to inlay money in the internet with minimum risk .

to inlay money under percents

to inlay money under percents

Essence of this financial instrument is such: all sum of investments is divided by equal parts between the twenty best traders of company . Thus at even distribution of facilities, substantially risk( about what diversification of risks we talked not once on the pages of our resource) diminish and as a result of competition between traders an income from such investments becomes more substantial .

Now in index top 20 it is advantageous to inlay money under percents , as  an annual profitableness(taking into account a reinvestment) in the moment of writing of the article makes more than 300%  and here risk — minimum . It is not even desirable to compare such variant of investment of money in the internet with a classic bank deposit, as at the practically identical degree of risk we get quite different results.

Thus, if a dilemma stands before you — in what it is better to inlay money   — will look closely to investing in an index top 20.

A company MMCIS( by the way works at the market seventh year) has in the arsenal an alike instrument for investing, however the minimum sum of investments in him makes 2500 dollars . Unfortunately, not all users can take the liberty of to inlay such money in the internet,even under very good percents.

For this reason and this instrument was worked out, it is now advantageous to inlay money everybody can under percents, in fact a minimum sum for investing makes not 2500 dollars, and only 100 American roubles already .  Agree, almost for each of us it is a feasible sum that it is possible with a benefit » to build» on in cushy job . By the way, can take a calculator to count up, into what your will grow 100$ years so we will say, through five at an annual profitableness 300%. Did count up ? Do you yet have doubts where is it advantageous to inlay  money under percents ?

Private investor

21 Апр

Private  investor — is it a myth or reality? To date it is very often possible to hear erroneous statements that touch  such concept, as a private investor. I will try to blow about some myths.

    • Private investor — it multi  millionaire and in any way differently. Really, first,that occurs to us, when we hear  this word-combination. On this basis, the amount  of  private investor strongly limits and does not exceed a few thousand persons. On the matter   of private investors in the world not simply много — of them very much.  To begin to invest  at the market of forex , it is needed  to inlay 30 dollars of the USA only, and to get free signals from traders from  around the world — 500 dollars of the USA . As we see, not such and large facilities are needed for the beginning of investing. Naturally, such tiny bag  will not allow to you at once from a place in a quarry  to earn millions, but inlaying  a sum more, it is already possible to count on the receipt of substantial income. For example, at investing from 2500$ you will be able to count on an income in size of 50% — 60% annual.

ПИФ. Инвестиционный фонд MMCIS investments

  • Possession secret knowledge and over by capabilities. Led so, that majority considers that for  a management it is necessary to own financial investments by secret knowledge that is accessible only to units.  Actually, the amount of punters in is the world calculated  by millions, and a trader — it an usual  profession already, as, we will say footballer. To become a successful merchant at the currency market, undoubtedly, necessary talent, as well as in music, sport, and somewhere. Therefore,

    private investor

    are a not apex  » of select», and ordinary people, that  studied the lessons of forex , expended the time and money in the study of other no less important aspects.

private investor

private investor

So who  nevertheless such  private investor ?  A private investor is a man,  that possesses  some capital and gets a certain profit from investing of the facilities. The amount of people for that investing became the basic source of profit increases with every year.

Have because of, that in an order to become a successful investor, it is necessary to study, as scienter an illiterate man will not be able during the protracted interval of time to get stable  additional profits.

Except a desire and ability of another obligatory constituent there is a presence of free capital. As I talked already, the sum of capital can fact different, it can be 30 dollars, and it is possible to invest and a sum  is far more. How many to invest — to decide only to you. Naturally your profit straight will depend on the size  of your start-up capital.

Realization of investments can become both basic and additional source of profit, as does not require the considerable charges of time, just the same approach in the work is used by a private investor .

Efficiency of investments

27 Июн

Economic efficiency of investments is a measure of expedience of the use of economic decisions in relation to the methods of the use of financial, labour and money resources. Efficiency is this  attitude of the got results toward mine-out charges. If attitude of result toward charges is the index of efficiency, a difference between a result and charges is the index of effect.

Economic efficiency of investments is determined as attitude of effect got toward investment investments which caused this effect. Under results those profits are understood, what z»yavlyayut’sya as a result of functioning of the realized enterprise project (profit, balance income, net income, economic prime price). Two  aspects have efficiency of investments in modern society: economic and social.

Basic kinds are social results of investments, can be followings:

•          a change of workings seating capacity is in a region,

•          improvement of dwellings and in a civilized manner – domestic terms of workers,

•          change of terms of labour,

•          economy of spare time of population,

•          changes of level of zdorov»ya workers of population and other

Absolute efficiency of investments is determined by attitude of the got results toward charges (profitability of capital investments) or charges to the result (term of recoupment of capital investments). General economic efficiency characterizes general profitability of introduction of new technique, technologies of production, for a national economy or general size of return, got as a result of realization of investments.

Estimation, based on comparing of absolute estimation of project to the accepted norm name absolutely comparative by the estimation of profitability of project. In the conditions of  market economy every enterprise sets the norm of profitability of capital investments independently,zalezhno from the put aims.

A comparative estimation consists in that among alternative alternate or projects designs a selection is carried out the best, optimum for providing of most efficiency of investments.