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Program of MMCIS

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«We are divided by success» — is a motto of the partner program of MMCIS. Company MMCIS are more than 1100 employees, over 515 000 clients from 54 countries of the world, it is branch networks in fifteen countries .

Subdivision of mmcispartner  began the work in distant 2008 to the year as daughter’s separation of company MMCIS INC. In times of work a company attained excellent results and occupied leading position in the field of the partner programs .

Program of MMCIS

allows to earn not only driving clients to the trade center Forex MMCIS Group but also new partners .Main mission of company — to give an opportunity all web masters and regional representatives to get a stable acuests, and serious the internet to the portals — to have in the hands an alternative instrument for filling of advertisement areas .Those, who attracts the partners, program of MMCIS allows to earn an additional acuests, attracting referrals the second level .

program of mmcis

program of mmcisMmcispartner offers three excellent partner program of MMCIS under one brand :

• Forex MMCIS Group — leading trade center with excellent terms for partners and unique bonus programs

• MMCIS Investments is an investment company with assets more than 2 milliards of dollars, that allows to earn to the clients 40%- 65% annual from the investments

Index top 20 is an unique instrument not only for the clients of company, but also for partners. It program MMCIS — one of most effective among all programs

Program of MMCIS is the best partner program on bringing in of partners, become the partner of company and earn together with them on the very advantageous for itself terms .

For the receipt of the assured stable acuests it is necessary to do three things:

• to Choose the interesting you type of collaboration and pass registration on a web-site for participating in the partner program.

• If you are a web representative — to choose selling aids and will place them on your web-site. If you are a regional representative office — a company will help to open an office you in your city

• Get an acuests from the clients attracted by you. Program of MMCIS pays from 100$ to 150$ for one client attracted by you or from 15% to 30% from a spread on the transactions of your clients .