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Providers of signals

16 Июн

In this article let a bit we will talk about that, who such providers of signals and how to choose the providers of signals on the platform of  Zulu Trade. For those, who not in a course, what is it,  I recommend to get and study while yet the free of charge video course of Zulu trader .

providers of signals

providers of signals

So, we need to call on the platform of Zulutrade  and  to go across in a division » Providers». At once before us the list of providers of signals, appears that is selected by system of zulu rang . This system creates rating, leaning against the great number of factors : it both  loss and profitableness, and great number of other, no less important factors . However have because of, that it is not needed instantly to add to the brief-case exceptionally those providers that are on leading positions of this rating .

Providers of signals on this page presented as base information . First, let us consider information about the provider of signals. So, we can know the following information about him zulu rang :

  • nick  of provider
  • country of residence
  • a logotype of broker at that a provider scored first
  • what trade is conducted — hand or automatic
  • an icon of star — such providers of signals enjoy a large confidence among the users of the system
  • an icon of dollar that is blue or green color. A green color means that a provider trades on the real account on the real money, therefore such information is based on the real data.

Blue dollar — such

providers of signals

trade on a demo account and all information is hypothetical . But at the same time such providers have the real accounts, that is signed on own signals, but they can be signed not on all signals . If icons » dollar» it is not in general is a clean demo set.

For all providers the set of icons is different and on them it is needed to turn intent attention . At the primary selection of providers it is possible to point cursor on an image and plus will appear, at pressure on him the provider of signals will be added to the book-marks