Tuning of auto profit

25 Янв

Tuning of auto profit is quite simple, however some novices are afraid to do that not so and not in forces independently to execute these simple steps.

That, let us consider all of it more in detail, that tuning of auto profit did not nonplus you. First of all it is needed one time to archive an archive with an adviser and copy the file of Auto — profit ex4 in the folder of expert of high-usage by you terminal of Insta Trader. Then you need to copy set files with tuning in the folder of presets. Since all files were by you copied — it is necessarily needed to overload a trade terminal .

Remember tuning of auto profit is identical both for demo and for the real accounts. Open the terminal of Insta Trader and in the left column open «Navigator». In a division «advisers» of auto profit necessarily must will appear in the list of advisers, on condition that you all did right in a previous step.

Tuning of auto profit

must be executed first of all . For this purpose in an overhead menu it is needed to choose «service» — «tuning». It is then needed to choose an inset «advisers» and put marks everywhere except points «hand confirmations» and to «confirm the call of function of DLL».

tuning of auto profit

tuning of auto profit

After it, you need to choose an interesting you currency pair . For this purpose it is needed to press the right button of mouse and to choose the window of chart . After it — will drag the right mouse button adviser of auto profit v 3.0
on a chart. Before you a menu will be opened, where and tuning of auto profit will be produced. For this purpose choose an inset «entry parameters» and push the button » to load». In appearing window choose the exactly that tuning that corresponds to the currency pair of open chart .

Tuning of auto profit plugs in itself also establishments of risk(risk percent) parameter and press «Ok». It is always needed to remember : than higher risk, the higher income and — vice versa. For this reason I do not advise to put the too high percent of risk. Since you pushed the button «Ok» the name of adviser Auto profit must appear in the right overhead corner of chart.

Tuning of auto profit is practically completed, it is needed yet to push the button «To include adviser». After a while on graphic arts the logotype of «Invest System» must appear and yet after a couple of minutes adviser of auto profit v 3.0 must to begin to open transactions .

It is important! In order that adviser of auto profit traded stably and without failures — it is necessary to provide to him the constantly included computer with trouble-free access to the internet. For this reason it is desirable to use VPS server. VPS a server is the same computer as for you at home, he is under the permanent supervision of specialists, provided with a trouble-free feed and highly speed internet. VPS a server will provide all terms for comfort work with the automatic trade system and tuning of auto profit produced only one time on the most initial stage.

On a web-site prostorunet you can look video as everything needs to be done by right, beginning from registration on a web-site and ending setting and tuning adviser.

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