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Hello, respected friends. Today we will talk about verification in a company Forex MMCIS Gruop, as every day I get very much letters with a request to tell about her in more detail . Now word-combination «verification of mmcis» at all on mouths, practically every user of network searches materials on this topic.

From the end of July — early Augusts most clients at the order of payments get on the e-mail of letter, in that them it is asked to pass verification in a company Forex MMCIS Gruop .

verification of mmcis

verification of mmcis

As turned out — letters are two kinds:

1) In the first variant require to send the notarial notarized copy of passport and after verification a client will need to send the originals of documents ordinary mail .
2) In the second variant of letter more loyal requirements are pulled out and about no notarial notarized copies the question is . It is needed just scan the passport, it is desirable to deport also the copy of extract from bank account with pointing of address, well and certainly not to forget to deport the agreement from a company, signed handwritten

As I wrote already, with mmcis I cooperate more than year, for this time I very oftentimes filled up the account in index top 20, similarly several times drew conclusion facilities . I am glad each time, getting an acuests on the program index top 20. When fuss rose round verification, to me it became interesting whether I will get the so-called «chain letter» from a company mmcis if I will order the conclusion of large sum .

on August, 14 I ordered payment from the personal cabinet in a sum 2300 dollars. In the same day I got first one letter from a company, and then and second, where procedure of passing of verification is explained in detail .

Fortunately I got in the second group of lucky persons and I needed to pass more easy procedure of verification and not needed to hurry on notaries and after passing of electronic verification I do not need to send the originals of documents mail .

On the study of my documents the specialists of company required a few days. On the third day I got a letter from a company, it was reported in that verification of mmcis thank God is complete .

In these days I met very much negative reviews tangentially in Forex MMCIS Gruop . All of them are devoted, first of all to procedure of verification, however I met not a single real review yet, where a company would refuse to pay money to the clients . I will say honestly — I a few hours too was in indignation, I too was not arranged by verification of mmcis, however a bit getting cold I understood that this passing of such procedure rather plus, than minus . The opinion I will try to argue in the near future, therefore wait new material about what verification of mmcis .

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